Geezercast Special — the Bounty Boogie

Richard, and the rest of the crew of the tall ship Bounty, are heading out in a couple days.  They’re leaving from San Juan Puerto Rico with a destination of St Petersburg, Russia — so this is a two-way crossing of the Atlantic.

I decided to dedicate this little tune to the Bounty.  It’s long, much like this voyage — and the many watches that they will all be standing.  It’s a little boring, which is my fondest hope for the voyage as well.  It’s in the key of E, so Rich and his crew mates can jam along on just about any instrument that’s likely to show up on the ship.  It’s a bit of a lullaby, for those moments when things are hard.  But it’s also a little jaunty, which describes Rich and the rest of the crew to a T.

Best listened to under headphones (think, iPod) — the bass part totally disappears when I listen to it on my PC.

Safe journey and smooth sailing.

Click HERE to listen to this 14 minute MP3.


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  1. Sara Evans says:

    Can I download this to iTunes? I’d love to have it on my iPod.

  2. Yep. Actually, you’ve already downloaded the file already — it’s called BountyBoogie.mp3 and it’s usually in your “Downloads” folder. If you don’t see it in there, try a search on that file name on your hard drive. Last ditch, right-click the link to the file in the blog post and use the “Save Link As” option to copy the file to your computer.

    Once you’ve located the file, open iTunes and use the “Add to Library” (in the “File” menu) to put let iTunes know about it.

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