GC034 — Remembering “things”

Ah. At last we got some snow and I finally have the perfect snow plow for the (three-quarter mile) driveway at the farm. I also rant a little about Richard’s tires.

But mostly I talk about a duck… And how this duck that I got from my granddad is something that I should describe to future generations, along with other important “stuff” so that people can carry the stories of these things on into the future. So the stories don’t get lost, and with them the real value of the otherwise ordinary things that we pass on to future generations. I think us digital kids are the first generation to be able to do this, but I bet that this is a tradition that’s carried forward.

So click here to listen to this 11 minute podcast…

And here’s a picture of the duck (along with the screen showing this Geezercast in the making).
The duck