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Geezercast 09 – Sean Kershaw’s first podcast

The last couple weekends have been consumed with editing all the licensed music out of all 40 or so podcasts on Sex and Podcasting. So I’m pretty behind on actually doing new stuff for Geezercast. This week, I decided to play Sean Kershaw’s first podcast, interviewing me, rather than come up with something on my own. Sean is the Executive Director at the Citizen’s League. His first podcast is pretty neat — we were a little manic at the beginning (we’d gotten all the geek stuff working at last), but we settled down to have a good discussion about community preparedness and podcasting and stuff.

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GeezerCast 06 How to find a job

A friend of mine got laid off this week and I’ll be helping with the “find a new job” project. As I was writing the email of commiseration, I found myself getting ready to do the “find a job” rant that I’ve been laying on people for years. But now there’s podcasting! What better place to put the rant, so people can listen to it without having to buy me lunch.

So here it is — Mike’s Pretty Good Find a New Job gizmo.

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GeezerCast 05 How I make money 1

This is the first in a series of podcasts about how I’ve made a living. The grandkids will be interested, and maybe you other people too. This episode tells the Domain Name story… How I came to own domains like,, etc. Why it’s better to be lucky than smart. Plus some musings about the word “career”

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GeezerCast 04 — More music, politics, etc plus audiophile follies

A new tune — the first actual multi-part song using the new electronic music toys. Plus, a recap of the week’s politics and polls. Plus a very brief forey into that strange world of extreme high-end audio. Oh my grandchildren, keep your hands on your wallets.

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More Jamstix, elections, aluminum foil mind-control beanies, polls

Ah, what a difference a week can make — the elections went well for folks like me who are in the mainstream (yep, I quote the polls to prove it). This show features another Jamstix creation, reviews some MIT research into aluminum-foil mind-control beanies, heads into a reminiscence about my experiences with the folks who believe contrails are evidence of a government plot and wraps up with this week’s poll results on a few key issues.

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