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GC025 — Ray’s Song

Ze Frank has all us Sports Racers (check out The Show to find out more, or if you’re really into it check out his whole site — well worth the journey) mashing up a cool vocal track by a mystery guy named Ray. There are some interesting issues that have arisen now that it’s looking like Ray is an inner-city black preacher in St Louis who has trouble with Jewish people. I play the tracks I made up, and explore those issues, in this podcast.

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GC024 — Richard’s good decision

Rich pulled a boomerang fish act and headed back to Northland College after two miserable weeks at George Washington University. I think he did the right thing and spend this Geezercast exploring the difference between a good decision and a bad outcome (along with embarrassing Richard all to heck, which is my duty as a parent). Along the way I talk about sunk costs, “Blink” and why I think sometimes we put too much emphasis on “toughing it out” when in fact you shouldn’t — a lesson that applies to business as well as personal decisions.

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GC022 — Geezercast goes video AND audio this time

It may not last, but I’ve decided to try doing a video version of Geezercast along with the audio version. This one’s about time-machines, the hassles of video blogging, a great speech by Salt Lake City Mayor Anderson plus a few other odds and ends.

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And here’s the link to the Youtube-video version of this podcast

GeezerCast 15 – On walking, and bullies

Weird combo huh? Well, that’s what’s on my mind today. So this one talks about the walks that Marcie and I take every day and then slides into a brief description of an encounter that I had with a bully while I was out and about. Nothing specific, no gossip, just an observation that I can’t stand bullies and I tend to poke them in the eye when I encounter them.

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Geezercast 09 – Sean Kershaw’s first podcast

The last couple weekends have been consumed with editing all the licensed music out of all 40 or so podcasts on Sex and Podcasting. So I’m pretty behind on actually doing new stuff for Geezercast. This week, I decided to play Sean Kershaw’s first podcast, interviewing me, rather than come up with something on my own. Sean is the Executive Director at the Citizen’s League. His first podcast is pretty neat — we were a little manic at the beginning (we’d gotten all the geek stuff working at last), but we settled down to have a good discussion about community preparedness and podcasting and stuff.

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