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GC059 — GeezerCast Returns

Yep.  Got all the hardware troubles fixed — just in time for a new crop of economic troubles to GeezerCast about.  Topics include weird US stock-market gyrations, weird Greek currency gyrations and weird political gyrations.  Since GeezerCasts are really just a chronicle of weird events for my unborn grandchildren, it looks like the pace may pick up.

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GC046 — Financial news is like Y2k news

In the early days of the Y2k problem, there were Pollyannas and Doomers. One side said “no problem!” the other side said “this is the end of the world as we know it.” Neither side was right — we muddled through. Now the sub-prime mortgage problem looks a lot the same way to me, with very polarized opinion and little credible info in the middle. That’s what I ruminate about in this Geezercast.

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GC042 — sale and repercussions

Yep, big life-changing event., the family URL, got sold a few weeks back.  The negotiation took a toll on the Geezercasting time, but probably means more Geezercasts in the long run as I drift back toward the “retired” end of the spectrum.  I talk a little about some of the other repercussions too — selling our house and moving into a condo, and buying a 5th wheel.

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GC029 — Selling to, or for, a new market. In this case, domainers

I took a week off from GeezerCast to head off to the Targeted Traffic conference in Florida. It’s a great gang and I enjoyed myself no end, but I came away with an observation for you my unborn grandchildren. When there’s a new industry, like this one, there’s opportunity created as that industry matures. One of those opportunities, it seems to me, is to introduce the age-old notions of professional selling and sales management. I met a lot of people who either want to sell to me, or for me, at the conference and for the most part their marketing and sales techniques are pretty primitive. So I decided to devote a GeezerCast to those observations.

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