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GC065 — What if Google turns evil?

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All kinds of news from the farm (big new-bird news for Marcie, big new-fiber news for me).  Plus the big story of the last few weeks — online privacy.  Which then morphs into my personal story of moving myself off of Google services as much as I can.  I tell a bit about what’s been bothering me about all that information that Google collects, plus ruminating about the delicious application-candy they use as bait to draw me in.

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GC047 — Digg, Reddit and the Attention Game

This is the first video and audio Geezercast, the prior 46 are audio-only, but hey we’re advancing here. So I talk a little about all that. In addition to a little geek rambling about the audio/video thing, I talk about posting a story to Reddit and Digg and obsessing about how high it got in the rankings.

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GC022 — Geezercast goes video AND audio this time

It may not last, but I’ve decided to try doing a video version of Geezercast along with the audio version. This one’s about time-machines, the hassles of video blogging, a great speech by Salt Lake City Mayor Anderson plus a few other odds and ends.

Click here to download this 8.5 minute podcast

And here’s the link to the Youtube-video version of this podcast