GC049 — Chicago Tribune Endorsement of Barak Obama

The Chicago Tribune has NEVER endorsed a Democrat for President.  Until today, when they endorsed Barak Obama.  I was so entranced I decided to read the endorsement into the Geezercast record – so the unborn Grandchildren can hear it.  Here you have it — 11 minutes of me reading the Chicago paper to ya.

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GC047 — Digg, Reddit and the Attention Game

This is the first video and audio Geezercast, the prior 46 are audio-only, but hey we’re advancing here. So I talk a little about all that. In addition to a little geek rambling about the audio/video thing, I talk about posting a story to Reddit and Digg and obsessing about how high it got in the rankings.

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GC046 — Financial news is like Y2k news

In the early days of the Y2k problem, there were Pollyannas and Doomers. One side said “no problem!” the other side said “this is the end of the world as we know it.” Neither side was right — we muddled through. Now the sub-prime mortgage problem looks a lot the same way to me, with very polarized opinion and little credible info in the middle. That’s what I ruminate about in this Geezercast.

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GC045 – Obama and biofuels

Couple things on my mind today. I’m pleased with how things are going with Barack Obama’s campaign and like the implications for you my unborn grandchildren. And Marcie just forwarded an interesting piece from the Times that supports my view that biofuels are dumb — at least the way we’re approaching them right now.

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