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GC068 – Frac Sand

 Hi all, a somewhat gloomy (not grouchy, just gloomy) Geezercast that started off perky but got dragged off into Frac Sand Land by accident.  This issue has soaked up a lot of time for Marcie and me over the last several months.  So my unborn grandchildren need to hear about it.

Definitely click on Jim Tittle’s photo if you want to see what we’re up against.

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GC065 — What if Google turns evil?

Image: Salvatore Vuono /

All kinds of news from the farm (big new-bird news for Marcie, big new-fiber news for me).  Plus the big story of the last few weeks — online privacy.  Which then morphs into my personal story of moving myself off of Google services as much as I can.  I tell a bit about what’s been bothering me about all that information that Google collects, plus ruminating about the delicious application-candy they use as bait to draw me in.

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GC045 – Obama and biofuels

Couple things on my mind today. I’m pleased with how things are going with Barack Obama’s campaign and like the implications for you my unborn grandchildren. And Marcie just forwarded an interesting piece from the Times that supports my view that biofuels are dumb — at least the way we’re approaching them right now.

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GC034 — Remembering “things”

Ah. At last we got some snow and I finally have the perfect snow plow for the (three-quarter mile) driveway at the farm. I also rant a little about Richard’s tires.

But mostly I talk about a duck… And how this duck that I got from my granddad is something that I should describe to future generations, along with other important “stuff” so that people can carry the stories of these things on into the future. So the stories don’t get lost, and with them the real value of the otherwise ordinary things that we pass on to future generations. I think us digital kids are the first generation to be able to do this, but I bet that this is a tradition that’s carried forward.

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And here’s a picture of the duck (along with the screen showing this Geezercast in the making).
The duck

GC033 — Weather station repeaters, and wireless Internet

Mostly this is the tale of fixing my Davis Vantage Pro weather station’s repeaters after the system conked out yesterday. I almost typed the word “diagnosing” instead of “fixing” in that first sentence, but truth be told I never figured out why the things crapped out, or how I fixed them. The experience provided me a springboard to rant some more about wireless Internet.

By the way you can view the offending weather stations (who knows whether they’ll be up or not) at, we were working on the “on top” one.

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GC030 — Success at the farm, and the recent elections

This is the GeezerCast where I am hoping to forever depart from the “howcum the polls are so out of step with the government” ploy that I’ve been using. Darn nifty election, you bet. I also recount a few farm implement adventures, which also turned out just fine.

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Geezercast 19 — Bio-fuels

More erratic-ness in the Geezercasting. Dang I’m having a good time this summer, but the poor old podcast is being neglected. This one’s about bio-fuels — which I think are completely nifty, but will present you (my unborn grandchildren) some interesting problems to solve. So here’s a letter forward in time, letting you know that I’m thinking about ya.

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